how does the intro of Drive My Car work?
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Wir Munchen Liebschoen
2017-03-29 12:19:23 UTC
The comment above suggests it a Macca response as well: No fuzz bass was used on Drive My Car .The only song I used a fuzz attachment on my bass was on Think For Yourself .
While the others were speaking technically about the song, you throw in
a worthless comment about a fuzz box which has nothing to do with the
discussion and it is totally obvious no fuzz was used.

Total waste of bandwidth.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-09-21 09:30:41 UTC
I believe this was a mistake. Or it was a result of a cut made off
the intro that gave us a shortened measure to start the song.
Sounds pretty cool, but I don't think we have to do too much
thinking on this.
But there is no shortened measure! It's 4/4 all the way. The first
measure is 3 1/2 beats of rest followed by a pickup note on the 4-and.
If I was covering this one, I'd just keep it to 4/4 like the rest
of the song. I have never believed that you have to play anything
exactly like the record. I play with guys that insist everything
should be exactly like the record - and it annoys me.
If you play it like the record, you *are* playing it in 4/4. You could
make it simpler by leaving something out, but then you'd have to decide
what, exactly, to leave out, so why not learn it how it really goes?
That's it Nil, insist on der beste oder nicht-just like Benz. That is
why your band is world famous and you are regarded as a musical genius
who can not only play with the best of them, but you are much sought
after as a producer.
My response - if you want to hear the record, put in the fn
record. If I'm playing it, I will stick with the basic structure,
and I will keep key riffs. But I will always put in my own style.
I have no problem with that. In this case, though, I consider the intro
to be a "key riff". Plus, it's fun!
And nobody knows fun better than our Nil. For he is the epitome of
knowledge and humour mixing to form greatness with a Kermit the Frog vox.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-09-25 09:16:02 UTC
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out
and remove all doubt."
Looks like you have your very own Internet stalker who hangs on your
every word. Congratulations! You bring purpose to some crazy idiot's
otherwise barren life.
Oh Nil that is such a devastating put down of the nasty troll! Richie
must be dead chuffed that he has you on his side to defend him against
people who say nasty things. In fact you can see how grateful Richie is
by his quick reply to you.

Every day the Beatles thank Jesus H. Christ that they have you here to
enrich topics with your bottomless well of Beatle knowledge. You truly
are the Fifth Beatle, Nil.