Luke Spencer (fictional), TV's General Hospital kills off theitr character
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That Derek
2022-01-05 20:48:16 UTC
Louis Epstein
2022-01-06 02:22:32 UTC
Why not just off (fictional) Laura too, one-fell-swoop style?
Or better yet, the whole silly shark-jumping-before-it-was-cool serial?
I've never watched GH,but as the oldest surviving daytime serial in the USA
its demise would be a step closer to that of the entire genre,which is a
fraction of its former size...is that a goal for you?

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.
2022-01-06 02:52:41 UTC
Quite persuasively argued, Louis.

Though you may suspect I'm fibbing here, in fact just awhile ago I was rethinking my unnecessarily snarky comment. Now, SOME snark WAS warranted, mind you, as what prompted it was memories of all the Luke & Laura hoopla, hype which even landed them on the cover of my beloved (back then) Newsweek.

But y'know, then I remembered that a HUGE number of very nice little ol' ladies--and many not-so-ol' ladies, not to mention a scattering of men and these days surely an oversized percentage of transsexuals--simply love that show, and a lot of them simply BECAUSE it nowadays is the senior soap...so yeah, let General Hospital live on in perpetuity, like Today and Tonight.