Connie Cezon (Cezan), 78 [correction on death date!]
(too old to reply)
Rob Petrie
2004-04-28 20:34:56 UTC
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from an e-mail:

"Here's the scoop on the death of Connie Cezon. I have double checked the
death dates, birth dates, etc. with her friend, on he death certificate, and
the nursing home in which she died. There was no official obituary printed
in any papers here in Los Angeles. She had no surviving kin or family.

Connie (Consuelo) Cezon

Born: March 28, 1925

Died: February 26, 2004 (not March as I'd been told last week) She was 78
when she died of complications from surgery for breast cancer. She died in
the Leisure Glen nursing facility in Glendale, California.

She had retired fully from her job as owner of Connie's Kittle Kastle
(boarding home for cats/pets) in 1994, sold her home and moved into a small
apartment in Los Angeles. She had a mild stroke in 1995 and lived in that
apartment until January 2004 when she had surgery for breast cancer."
2004-04-28 21:29:30 UTC
Thanks for the information.
Do you know her married name at the time of her death, or by chance where the
services and burial were? You can e-mail me at: ***@aol.com