Charity football game for fallen California deputy cancelled because Trump supporters Scott Baio and Joy Villa were celebrity guests
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2019-10-14 01:31:19 UTC

A charity flag-football game organized to benefit Ventura County Sgt. Ron
Helus who was killed in the Borderline club shooting in 2018, was
cancelled because Trump-supporting actor Scott Baio was set to speak at
the event and Trump-supporting singer Joy Villa was to sing the national

EXCLUSIVE: A charity football event in honor of fallen Ventura Co. Sgt.
Ron Helus has been postponed after organizers say a local police chief
took issue w/ Trump supporters @Joy_Villa & @ScottBaio being invited to
speak. Law enforcement pulled out, & so did sponsors. 10pm @FOXLA

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) October 2, 2019

All money is being returned to donors:

The charity event was supported by Sgt. Helus’ wife, Karen, & she had met
with the organizers. All money now being returned to donors and event’s
future is unclear/uncertain. @FOXLA pic.twitter.com/oohWRTVMhb

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) October 2, 2019

More here:

ARTICLE: https://t.co/lsrJeCzIGX

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) October 2, 2019

Well, if there’s any good to come out of this, the fundraiser is now a
national story and hopefully will raise even more money:

PLEASE #JOYTRIBE let’s show them they can’t stop us! Donate to the charity
whose the one who really lost from the Dems banning us:

— Joy Villa (@Joy_Villa) October 2, 2019
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That Derek
2019-10-15 04:56:38 UTC
Scott Baio?

Wah-wah-wah !