John Hamer, ex-child actor, brother of Rusty Hamer (The Danny Thomas Show)
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Tim Dunleavy
2020-07-13 19:08:43 UTC
Posted by Paul Petersen on the "A Minor Consideration" Facebook page.

A Minor Consideration
Monday, July 13, 2020 at 1:09 PM

John Hamer, RIP
A friend passed away this morning, John Hamer. He was Rusty Hamer’s older brother who kept me from perpetuating a falsehood after Rusty, age 42, killed himself with a single gunshot back in 1990. Rusty’s suicide marked the beginning of A Minor Consideration.
For the longest time I had blamed Danny Thomas for the tattered life and hopelessness of Rusty Hamer who had grown fat and actively hostile. “Why didn’t Danny do more to help Rusty?” I wondered aloud.
“Danny Thomas did everything he could,” John counseled me during an emotional encounter. “You knew Rusty…how stubborn and difficult he could be when the Fame slipped away despite all the talent in the world.” John spoke quietly. “What you didn’t know was that Danny Thomas, despite all the public rejection from Rusty, did his best to help me, the older brother…John Hamer. He made sure the family had an income, he paid for my flight lessons…he remained close to the Hamer family. Danny was an unsung hero, a true father figure to me when Rusty wouldn’t listen or even try to get rid of his demons.”
And there you have it…the truth that allowed me to create A Minor Consideration. You see, I knew where Rusty lived in Louisiana. I knew he was violence prone and unstable. I had passed through New Orleans a dozen times and never took the time to go see my friend, Rusty. I did nothing to stop the suicidal slide. The fault did not rest with others. I could have done more.
John never blamed me. Instead he helped start A Minor Consideration so that whenever a former kid star got into trouble we would show up to do what we could to help.
We have learned much these past thirty years. One visit can make a difference. Thank you for being my friend, John.
Paul Petersen

That Derek
2020-07-13 19:34:21 UTC
Exact age? Date? Cause?

Granted, John Hamer does not warrant having his own Wikipedia page and his IMDb page lists three paltry on-screen credits with no birth date. However, youth wants to know!