Semi-OT: "Stone Soup" to end in five weeks
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2020-06-20 21:06:17 UTC
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(If you'd care to comment on anything I said in that thread, I'd love it.)

For those who don't know, Jan Eliot is the cartoonist.

Val Stone is the widowed(?) mother of two daughters: the self-spoiled princess 13-year-old Holly and the smart, outgoing, bookish 9-year-old Alix. Val got married again - to a cop, Phil.

Val's sister Joan, abandoned by her first husband, had a two-year-old son, Max. She married her balding, dependable neighbor, insurance salesman Wally, and had a daughter. (So Max is now three. Baby Lucy is still a baby.) Also, Wally's teen nephew Andy lives with them.

Evie is Gramma to the girls and lives with Val, when she's not globe-trotting and doing manual charity work with her boyfriend Arnold.

More on them, if you like:


MJ Emigh
2020-06-21 01:50:39 UTC
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(If you'd care to comment on anything I said in that thread, I'd love it.)
It's been a Sunday-only for several years. Personally, I rarely find the weekly strip funny, but the dailies are all new to me (I only started reading it about five years ago) and I like those. They run them on GoComics every day as "Stone Soup Classics."