Wow, it's been slow: List of extant Bat-Villains (original 1960s "Batman")
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That Derek
2021-03-04 19:33:24 UTC
It's been a while since we've lost a Bat-Villain. Here's the "canned" list.

Opening Credits Bat-Villains only – listed in order of appearance:

1) JILL ST. JOHN (born 08/19/1940): Molly (colleague of Frank Gorshin'sThe Riddler #1), 01/12/1966/series' premiere episode
2) JULIE NEWMAR (08/16/1933): Catwoman #1, 03/16/1966
3) LEE MERIWETHER (05/27/1935): in Batman theatrical movie as Catwoman #2, 08/03/1966/movie release date
4) JOHN ASTIN (03/30/1930): The Riddler #2, 02/08/1967
5) JOAN COLLINS (born 05/23/1933): The Siren, 09/21/1967
6) GLYNIS JOHNS (born 10/05/1923): Lady Penelope Peasoup (colleague of Rudy Vallee's Lord Marmaduke Ffogg), 11/23/1967
7) BARBARA RUSH (born 01/04/1927): Nora Clavicle, 01/18/19
2021-03-04 21:21:21 UTC
And, of course, thankfully still one Bat-hero: Burt Ward.

2021-03-05 13:03:27 UTC
[I realize you, Derek, are likely well aware of this little postwar triple-play, but many alt-obits may not be]:

An omission: Whenever citing the not-so-young-[a-fictive]-ward-to-millionaire-Bruce-Wayne-anymore Burt Ward, it is fun to remind folks that Ward* happened to be born the same date [Saturday, July 6, 1946] as both former President Dubya AND yo-Adrian!-ing Sly Stallone.

* In 1983, former actor Ward was running a small rock music promotion company s few blocks from the ocean in Santa Monica. He would send out freelancers (with an essentials-only expense account) in rented vans filled with cartons of T-shirts specific to whatever band's tour that one-man-crew in the van was following, hawking 'em in the arena parking lots before and after the shows. I heard about Ward's small company--which may have been quite small, maybe only him and a gal Friday--from a showbiz pal, so I called Ward up. (I had already broken onto the Los Angeles radio waves with Metro News & Traffic the previous year, but I didn't like the new boss who had just replaced the wonderfully-talented broadcaster** who had hired me after only a 30-second audition for my first professional radio gig***), so I was seeing if I could swing a deal with Ward. For a week or two it looked like Ward was gonna have a tour for me (I'm pretty sure it was the Kansas band Kansas, but my memory is weak on that detail), but it never happened...so I never got to tell people I was working for everyone's favorite Boy Wonder, Robin.
** And JUST as wonderful a fellow...so you can imagine how delighted I was to learn a few years ago that Tim Kinney (just like that AM-band yakker Styble guy) is a still a very-much-alive ace broadcaster nowadays retired to Florida--in his case, in one of the famed The Villages.
*** Sorry, but high school and college radio don't count; if they DID, I could instead brag that my radio career dates instead back to 1972 at KLSR, over what WOULD have been known as the Voice of Lindbergh High School...if any listeners in the school district could have actually HEARD our scratchy signal at 89.7 MHz cleanly, which at 10, count them, 10 red-hot watts, hardly propagated across Lindbergh Blvd.**** anyway.
**** On that particular stretch, as it happens, constituting U.S. Highway 61***** (as well as Highway 67)!
***** That's "Highway 61" as in "Highway 61 Revisited", the fabled north-south route famed as the Delta bluesmen's fave, oh-so-surrealistically memorialized musically by the landmark 1965 release from that guy with the funny nose, the funnier hair and the funniest voice.
2021-03-05 23:18:42 UTC
Upon pedantic reflection, I guess I was unfairly harsh when lampooning the lack-of-reach of the KLSR signal, back when the educational-band FM station was still "propagating conversation at the speed of light" until the Lindbergh School Board finally gave up* on the money-sapping operation circa 1986.

But THEN this afternoon I remembered a positively glorious fact I first learned from Newsweek, when Voyager 2 was "gravity-assist" slingshoting its way by Uranus** on its way to its breathtaking rendezvous with Neptune in 1989: that the transmitter on Voyager 2--as well as its sister transmitters aboard Voyager 1 and Pioneers 10 and 11--now are at the furthest edges of our solar system (the so-called "heliopause"), or already beyond, into the comparative void of interstellar space***: each are (I believe) STILL beaming back data at 186,282 miles per second toward the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena**** (powered by their plutonium-decaying-fuel mini-reactors), with each pumping out its respective signal with all the radiating oomph of...only FOUR red-hot watts--less than half KLRS's meager, static-saturated signal, and even a tad less than your standard trucker's 5-watt Citizen's Band radio!

(How NASA engineers manage to get THAT kind of distance--all four robots were at least 10 billion miles distant by 2021, if memory serves--out of those ultra-faint signals is far beyond my physics-challenged cranium; all I know is, the 10-watt KLSR signal's mileage from the FM transmitter atop Lindbergh High indeed sure did, uh, "vary", as the TV car ads always so scrupulously caution.)

* Of course, I've always PRESUMED that the Board just figured KLSR was pointless once they didn't have that radio phenom Bryan Styble behind the microphone or as Program Director anymore.
** Kindly don't bother recycling once more that vulgar variant-pronunciation joke you heard the class clown utter in middle school science class.
*** Which NONE of these four amazing mechanical testaments to painstaking post-Englightenment reasoning and experimentation--shall EVER exit, moving into interGALACTIC space...for the simple but oh-so-immutable fact that none of the quartet are moving at anywhere NEAR the escape velocity for objects of ANY mass at our distance from the center of The Milky Way galaxy, i.e., approximately 550 kilometers/second.
**** That would be California, not Texas...though oddly enough, my wendingly-wacky showbiz career found me employed in BOTH Pasadenas, the latter-listed of those same-name suburbs back in 1979-80, and then the former in 1980-81, after "goin' Hollywood"*****, as that terrific Bing Crosby tune sampled in "That's Entertainment" so melodically phrased it.'
***** Uh, that's California, not Florida...though I HAVE visited that quite charming Miami suburb much more recently than I have last seen its vastly-more-celebrated civic namesake out West.