Abigail Shelton, 74; TV, Movie Actress
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Stephen Bowie
2006-12-20 15:29:41 UTC
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Abigail Shelton, a blonde ingenue and supporting actress seen often on
TV in the '60s, died on December 11. She appeared multiple times on
"The Fugitive" and "Perry Mason" and the films "Zigzag" and "8 Million
Ways to Die."

Paid death notice from the LA Times (which mentions the TV writer John
T. Kelley, who died in 1972, but neglects to point out that he was
Shelton's first husband):

BAKER , Abigail Shelton
Died peacefully in her sleep, Monday, December 11. She was 74. She is
survived by her husband, musician/composer William S. Baker.
The middle child of William and Esther Compton, Baker was born in
Wheeling West Virginia during the height of the depression. Her father
was a mining engineer, her mother of a dietitian. When she was 20 moved
west to California to pursue her passion-acting.
Better known by her stage name, Abigail Shelton, the veteran actress
appeared in over 75 stage, film and television productions over her
50-year career. Recently she performed the one-woman show, "Zelda."
Besides her acting credits, she was also an accomplished singer who
sang in dinner theaters and later performed cabaret style accompanied
by her husband William Baker on the piano.
At the time of her passing, she and her hubsand were working on an
original musical adaptation of the John T. Kelley play, "Windy City."
Through her son, Peter Clarke, a daughter-in-law, Lois Clarke, Abigail
leaves behind a rich legacy of four grandchildren Joseph, Ramona, Harry
and Rosalind and three great-grandchildren Chandler, Lexie, and Will.
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