Hendrik Booraem, 78 (historian/biographer)
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One of the few elderly writers I know of who lived in Tennessee!


Most of it:

Hendrik Booraem V, retired professor of history, died 1 October 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

He was born May 11, 1939, in New York City, the son of Hendrik Booraem, Jr., and Dorothy Carr Booraem. In 1944, his divorced mother moved with him to South Carolina, where he spent his childhood - first in Gaffney, then in Greenville, where he went all the way through the public schools. He received a National Merit Scholarship, and studied at the University of Virginia, where he graduated in 1961 with a major in history. He then returned to Greenville and taught for six years at Greenville Senior High School.

In 1967, he entered The Johns Hopkins University and studied history under David Herbert Donald, receiving his Ph.D. in 1977. During his academic career, he taught at several institutions, including the State University of New York at Purchase, The University of South Carolina at Aiken, Lehigh University, Delaware Valley College, and Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania. He also taught for thirteen years at Strom Thurmond High School in Edgefield, SC.

He was the author of numerous books in American history, including The Formation of the Republican Party in New York, 1954-1956: Politics and Conscience in the Antebellum North (1984), and The Early History of Johnston, SC: The Founding and Development of a Railroad Depot Town (1993). His main work was a series of books about the education and character formation of several American presidents, including Garfield (The Road to Respectability , 1988), Coolidge ( The Provincial ,1994), Jackson ( Young Hickory , 2001), William

Henry Harrison ( A Child of the Revolution , 2011), Ford ( Young Jerry Ford , 2013, and The Education of Gerald Ford , 2015), and Cleveland ( Stubborn Independence , forthcoming)...



(his site, with brief interview)

(photos and a few book covers)

(couple of videos)

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I slipped up. THIS is his bibliography:


You can see some of the book covers when you click on the titles.