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2017-06-13 02:52:16 UTC
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Don Goelz wrote his own obituary - and kept it light:

Don Goelz , age 76 of Purcell, passed away Friday, June 2, 2017. Goelz, it’s easy. The “O” is silent, as in Gelz. And if you want, change the “Z” to “S”, Gels. There, that’s all cleared up, now read the rest of the boring stuff, or cut to the comics as usual. It is with little sadness, I am finally able to announce my final journey is complete. I am now in the arms of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I will once more walk with my beloved wife, Mary Lou (Dowse) Goelz, who made this very journey on January 21, 1992. I was born to Don and Vera Goelz on September 16, 1940 in Belmond, IA, cold country. Living the first thirteen years on God’s green earth in Des Moines, IA. We moved to Denver, CO in 1954. I got in and out of trouble at Smiley Jr. and East High, graduating in the lower 10% of my class of 1958. Freshman year of college was most pleasantly spent at Colorado State University. They asked me to skip the remainder of my higher education. They had some rule about 1.2 GPA’s or something. They never made it real clear, but honoring their request, I traveled with a small construction company for eleven years. I loved traveling the country I had the privilege to live in. Those years were like a paid vacation. I moved to Lawton, OK in 1960, and then to Nebraska in 1970. After two winters there, I promised God if he let live through the winter I was trying to survive at the moment, I would go back to being a proud Okie. He would never again be bothered by another of my whinny prayers concerning freezing my booty off. I moved to Purcell in 1981, then moved my family up here in 1983. My small town dream came true that June day we unloaded our possessions at our new home. Since that day, we never considered moving again. Purcell would be our home for the remainder of the time left to us. The little sadness I spoke of, is leaving my first born, Christy L. Goelz, who lives in Fort Worth, TX. I will miss the chances to be with her, the talks we shared and the joy she gave me all of her life. Watching her compete in sports was what dreams are made of. She earned two degrees from OU, and later a Masters in Psychology while she lived in Texas. The birth of my son Craig C. Goelz closed our family circle, making it complete. The first three years of his life he would have nothing to do with me. His grandmother said I was ignoring him, and I of course had to agree, that was easier than a howling kid to deal with. When he turned fourteen, my life went to hell, and it wasn’t until he moved out after graduating high school, that I had a sound night’s sleep. When he asked about moving home three or so months later, I said no. I had my computer in his room and he had nowhere to sleep. From that time on, we became friends again and is my best friend today. His wife, Christine, is also my friend, I am proud to say. Their daughter Savanna, and son, Colton have treated me more like a friend than their far more advanced superior. Watching both of my grandchildren compete in various sports and participate in things like band and award ceremonies, has been a special privilege for me. These are the reasons for hanging on. But they no longer need my wisdom as they grow up, seemed less like wisdom, and more like the Three Stooges. They just need now to struggle on their own. There are so many nieces and nephews, sister in law, I wish I could say “Aloha” to each. I wish every friend that made me laugh could have told me just one more joke. Could have made fun of me again, as we laughed together. I thank all who walked through my life and affected it, and helped me to see the joy they came with. I can assure any hurt I caused was accidental, but let me say now I am sorry to each, it was unintentional. I hope the only memories of me, are the joy you readily gave me, the fun of shared laughter and finally, the love of family. Bye y’all! Celebration of Life Services are scheduled for 9:00 A.M. Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at the Wilson-Little Funeral Home Chapel.
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2017-06-13 04:00:05 UTC
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Awesome. God speed.