Herman Weems, 72, singer, composer, producer and musician involved with Golden World and Ric-Tic Records
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2010-08-02 23:15:45 UTC
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July 28. 2010 9:32AM

Herman Weems, Detroit

Singer, writer, producer was also an artist

Mark Hicks / The Detroit News

Throughout his career, Herman Weems went from helping produce local
records for artists to painting distinctive logos and signs all over
Metro Detroit.

"He was a multitalented individual ... a tremendous artist," said Phil
Townsend, a longtime friend and music producer. "Art was his first love."

Mr. Weems, a longtime Metro Detroit singer, composer, producer and
musician, died Sunday, June 27, 2010, after a hospitalization. He was 72.

Born Feb. 21, 1938, in Georgia, he relocated to Metro Detroit with his
family as a child.

At age 12, he won a statewide scholarship art contest, friends said.

He later sang baritone with the group The Five Sparrows, which performed
all over the city.

After attending Cass Technical High School, Mr. Weems became a writer
and producer at a number of labels in Detroit.

He was involved with Golden World and Ric-Tic Records, which were later
acquired by Motown, associates said.

The labels brought him into contact with a number of rising local
recording artists.

"He loved his music," said Al Kent, who worked with him through Golden

Mr. Weems also painted artist logos and album covers -- including for
the Temptations' 1970 LP "Psychedelic Shack," relatives and associates said.

"He was good at caricatures," Townsend said. "He loved to do that type
of thing. He had a very vivid imagination."

A former booker for local clubs, Mr. Weems continued hand-painting signs
in the area.

"Whatever he felt like, that's how he painted," said his sister, Odie
Wells. "He was really in touch with his art and his music. Those were
his passions."

Other survivors include two children, Lela Rasheed and Mario Wade; four
grandchildren; two brothers, Willie and Fred; and many nieces and nephews.

Burial was at Metropolitan Memorial Park in Belleville.
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Herman Weems attended Pershing High School, not Cass Tech. I was a fellow student in art classes with him.