Jack Lovejoy, 77, in Dec. 2014 (SF/fantasy writer)
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He lived in Chicago.

I only found out about his death because of familysearch.org.

(this was the ONLY other place I found that mentions both his death and what he was known for)


(a bit more)

From "Contemporary Authors":

"...It seems to me that there are always fresh ways of looking at our world and its conventions, which may lead to a finer understanding of both. One means is by delineating alternate worlds and societies. My science fiction novels project current social and environmental trends into the future. My fantasy Magus Rex, for example, moves through a series of decadent or totalitarian societies, and my [unpublished] novel Catiline is set in the late Roman Republic, an age of violence, terrorism, and the breakdown of traditional values, much like our own.

"Above all, I want to tell good stories about interesting and believable characters. Even in science fiction there is room for humor."

(book covers)

(about "Star Gods")

(reader reviews)


•The Rebel Witch (juvenile), Lothrop (New York City), 1978.

"With the powerful Wand of the Necromancers in her possession, an apprentice witch tries to prevent the restoration of the days of the dark lore."

•Star Gods (science-fiction novel), Major (Canoga Park, CA), 1979.

•The Hunters (science-fiction novel), Pinnacle Books (New York City), 1982.

"THE DAY THE STARSHIPS CAME...was the day that man became a hunted animal on his own planet. From the moment the missiles failed to fire the human race was on the run. But there was no place to hide, from -- The Hunters."

•Magus Rex (fantasy novel), Pinnacle Books, 1983.

•A Vision of Beasts (science fiction trilogy; contains Book 1: Creation Descending, Book 2: The Second Kingdom, and Book 3: The Brotherhood of Diablo), Pinnacle Books, 1984.

"Derek and his people are entering a strange new world, a world changed beyond recognition by a devastating nuclear holocaust. Driven from their haven in the caves of Saluston by a band of evil, mutant invaders, they are heading west in search of a new home.
Ahead lies an unknown future and a land filled with deadly new forms of plant and animal life.
Behind them the invaders are in pursuit..."

•A Ring of Keys (lyric poetry), Winston-Derek (Nashville, TN), 1989.

•The Defenders of Ar (fantasy novel), Bantam (New York City), 1990.

"For centuries the feline people of Ar and the powerful Lords of the East have been at peace. Legends surround the Eastern Lords and their servants, the liskash—lizard warriors—but few have ever seen them. This series tells the exciting story of the sudden rise and devastating assault of the Eastern Lords against the people of Ar, the catlike Mrem. The Council of the Three—a group of powerful Mrem wizards—must fight with their every resource to protect their vulnerable world..."

•Outworld Cats (science-fiction novel), DAW Books (New York City), 1994.

"When two extraterrestrial felines are stranded aboard a space station, they are captured and brought to Earth, where they use their skill as telepaths to stop an industrial mogul from taking over the planet."

The Salem Bequest, with Sheri Cannataro 2015

"Tanwood Forest, in a remote quarter of New England, has hardly changed since Mastodons foraged its primeval glades. This is not mere chance. The mysterious woodland is the principal endowment of the little Haverdale College (est. 1693, the year after the Salem Witch Trials), and kept as sancrosanct over the centuries as the sacred groves of Diana in the ancient world, by a dynasty of college presidents. But the current president is now old and sickly, under continual strain - and the vultures are gathering. College and endowment alike are ruthlessly menaced by a predatorily real estate developer, in league with darker forces; both wielding immense power. Pitted against them, in the seemingly one-sided power struggle, are a young professor of earth science at the college and a beautiful white witch, the guardian of the forest, leader of the Folk, and favorite of a Voodoo coven in New York. Their passionate, outlandish love affair is woven through the fast-paced narrative."

Dragon Valley, with Sheri Cannataro, April Cannataro (Illustrations) 2015

"Professor Linda Bateman is the widow of a noted archeologist. She has discovered a mysterious artifact, while excavating an Inca temple in a high Andean valley, on which appears to be engraved a prehistoric monster surrounded by butterflies. Her two children call it the "Dragon Stone" and bicker over what it actually depicts. Little Nora points to a plesiosauri in her dinosaur book, and her older brother Scott insists it's more like the dragons carved on Viking long boats, shown in his own book."

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Came across this info about Jack Lovejoy by accident. He was a boyhood neighborhood friend. Had no idea he was an author. In fact my my main recollection of him is that his younger sister was the first girl I ever kissed (both very innocent). Obviously, he was very accomplished.