Emerging OT story: Ted Nugent renounces gun violence
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That Derek
2017-06-15 18:17:53 UTC
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It seems in the aftermath of Wednesday's (06/14) shootout involving GOP congress members in an Arlington VA ballpark that "Motor City Madman" rocker and firearms advocate TED NUGENT has renounced gun violence.

Nugent made a call-in appearance earlier this afternoon (06/15)on New York City's powerhouse WABC-AM (770) on "The Midday Show" hosted by Guardian Angels' founder CURTIS SLIWA and his relatively new (two weeks) co-host EBONI K. WILLIAMS, who is otherwise featured on Fox News Channel's forum "The Specialists."

Nugent explained that he had dialed back the rhetoric, is still a Second Amendment advocate, and that when he had told then-Senator Barack Obama words to the effect that Obama should suck on his machine-gun barrel that he (Nugent) was just employing cheap rock-'n'-roll histrionics.

Worth noting is the fact that Nugent phoned in to WABC unsolicitedly. He concluded his appearance by proclaiming that he now maintains a "zero tolerance for violence."

"The Midday Show" airs locally from 12 Noon to 3PM and Ted Nugent called in between 12:30PM and 1PM. Curtis Sliwa has been dining out on this "exclusive" as I write this.
Sarah Ehrett's Lesbian Love Interest
2017-06-16 23:57:05 UTC
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Media whore. Isn't this the guy who showed up to the draft board covered in feces? He'll say anything.