Manchester Star Search Date?
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Rich Penis Leavitt
2017-04-10 18:03:17 UTC
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The Beatles took part in a contest called Star Search at least once in 1958/59. There were some kind of preliminary contests in Liverpool and some more advance contest in Manchester.
"Johnny and the Moondogs" had to leave before the very final due to trains. John nicked someone's electric guitar as they left.
There is some debate about the date. In this forum some say it was November 15 and some argue.
Credible sources say it was in 1958 (among others, Walter Everett, "The Beatles as Musicians", volume 1, page 20). Bob Spitz, in The Beatles, says it was 1959.
There are various reports of Colin Hanton and/or Joehn Duff Lowe playing with them. There are other reports that it was John, Paul and George with only two guitars for the three of them.
To add to confusion, "Star Search" itself may have been an annual event. It is possible that The Quarrymen took part in 1958, but did not advance to Manchester?
Anyone have a clue for this?
Why? Are you going to file a police report for the guitar Lennoid nicked?
Jake D Jude
2017-04-10 19:56:55 UTC
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Post by Rich Penis Leavitt
Why? Are you going to file a police report for the guitar Lennoid nicked?
My curiosity has more to do with this: John's mother died in July of 1958. In August of 1959, George hired John and Paul to help him and Ken Brown with a gig after Les Stewart dropped out.
How much did they Quarrymen/Johnny-and-the-MoonDogs/The Beatles do in that intervening year?
Although, yeah, I've always been curious as to whether the owner of that guitar ever got paid back.
Wasn't Lennon still in school, or transitioning from school to Art College during that period?
He was blowing Stuart Sutcliffe behind Ye Old Grapes.
Wir Munchen Liebschoen
2017-04-11 17:13:16 UTC
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