YA Tittle, 90, Hall of Fame Quarterback
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Michael OConnor
2017-10-09 17:18:39 UTC
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YA Tittle is remembered for the iconic photo with the blood on his face:

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Tittle made the same mistake that Johnny Unitas and Brett Favre later did - he played one season too long. In his final season, 1964, he took an absolute beating on the field and it was painful to watch. The Charlton Heston late 60's football film "Number One" was very loosely based on Tittle, and was not a very good movie but was memorable for the ending when Heston's over the hill QB character took one hit too many.

Tittle played on a lot of great teams, but every year, there was always somebody better.


Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Y.A. Tittle dies at 90

One of football's earliest star quarterbacks has passed away.

Y.A. Tittle has died at the age of 90, Louisiana State University confirmed on Monday.

Tittle played quarterback for the Baltimore Colts from 1948-1950 in both the All-America Football Conference and National Football League, then joined the San Francisco 49ers via the 1951 NFL Draft, where he played from 1951-1960. Tittle led an offense that featured three future Hall of Fame running backs -- Hugh McElhenny, Joe Perry and John Henry Johnson -- in what was known as the "Million Dollar Backfield."

Tittle capped his professional career by quarterbacking the New York Giants from 1961-64. The Giants retired Tittle's No. 14 jersey, and he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971.

Tittle was selected to seven Pro Bowls over his 17-year career and was a three-time first-team All Pro (1957, 1962, 1963). The quarterback was twice named the league's Most Valuable Player as he the Giants to three straight Eastern Conference titles and appearances in the NFL Championship Game from 1961-1963, where they'd twice fall to Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers and once to George Halas' Chicago Bears.

Tittle played deep into his 30s, retiring after a 2-10 campaign in 1964 that saw the veteran suffer multiple injuries and spawned one of the most memorable photos from that era of football.

Tittle starred at quarterback and tailback for LSU from 1944-1947.

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That Derek
2017-10-09 17:23:45 UTC
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Lord, was his name fun to say aloud.
That Derek
2017-10-09 18:02:58 UTC
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At first glance at the "YA" in the header, I thought 't'was going to be another children's author posted by Lenona :).