John/Yoko & Zappa
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Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-07-10 00:58:59 UTC
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Yeah, I kind of expected Nil's response coming after I'd already
viewed his Youtube link before posting mine. I suppose Nil feels
we'd be lost without him, at times, and this is just how he rolls.
Bitter much?
Oh Nil who could be bitter when a god like you comes down from on high
and blesses us with your vast knowledge of Beatle related trivia. We
know what a complex and busy life you lead because you are oh so
important. We are grateful that you could spare 30 seconds of your
important time to educate the unwashed masses with your brilliance.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-07-15 10:10:26 UTC
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Lt's talk about what Phil Collings said about McCartney pretty
recently. Collins is bringing up the fact that he felt like Paul
talked down to him in 2012. I mean he's airing this dispute to
the entire world. My take on this is that he's a big crybaby,
and should have just discussed this matter with Paul in private.
What's your take?
My take is that Phil Collins should shut his mouth and stick to playing
drums. I've always found him to be an annoying git ever since he
stepped into Peter Gabriel's shoes as the front man for Genesis. Maybe
McCartney does, too.
Phil Collins the drummer: one of the best (or at least he was in his
prime.) Phil Collins the Entertainer: kind of a drag. Phil Collins the
human being: if the McCartney story is any indication, a prima donna.
Thank you so much Nil for your spot on analysis of Phil Collins. Since
you are speaking ex-cathedra we are all now required to follow your
mandates and think the same of Collins.

How devastated must Phil feel now that he knows you think of him as an
annoying git? It must wound his heart grievously knowing that someone
with your vast knowledge and talents does not curry his favor. I'm sure
he is solemnly thinking of ways to expiate his sins and get back into
your good graces. Because who would want to be thought of so poorly by
someone so high and mighty as yourself?

And from your pronouncement it would appear that Phil is not even a good
drummer anymore. Are you going to spend some time with him teaching him
how to play up to your standards? What a great act of kindness on your
part. The world is so grateful to have you in their presence.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-07-16 19:39:02 UTC
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You may be right
You may be crazy
But you might just be the lunatic he's looking for.
I don't have to look for lunatics - I'm surrounded by them!
That is why the world needs your wisdom and guidance oh Great Nil.
Wait a minute... why does that sign outside my window say "Shady Rest
Home", but there's no shade around here??
There is no shade because wherever you are oh great Nil, there is the
light and wisdom from your mere presence.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-07-16 19:44:04 UTC
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You dislike Nil so much that you write 5 posts to him.
Way to go, Ryan.
Is that insect-brained mosquito still buzzing around here? If it had
contact with actual people in real life, it would have been swatted
long ago. But I guess they continue to live on Cheetos in their
mother's basement indefinitely and avoid having to deal with reality.
As Li'l Donny Trump would say, "Sad".
Oh Great Nil that is such a brilliant riposte to the feeble minds that
would dare doubt your greatness and brilliance.

And to support someone as mentally damaged as Jeffie Crabbie shows and
almost Mother Theresa/Princess Diana altruism of the highest order.

We are so lucky to have your presence grace us.
Wir Munchen Liebschoen
2017-07-17 02:57:45 UTC
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Who knew?

Zappa was jealous of Lennon.
Why would you say that? There's no basis for it in the first place. And the journalist who brought them together -- Howard Smith, who was well-known at the time -- said Lennon was extremely deferential to Zappa.
You seem to know a lot more about this than I do, so please
tell me about Lennon being deferential to Zappa.
Do a Google search for "Howard Smith Lennon deferential Zappa" and read the NYT article -- a review of a Barry Miles book -- that comes up. <<
No thanks. I'll just let you do the talking, if you choose
to tell me what went down. I'll take your word with anything
you say. I don't really have the desire to read about artists
I dislike. As it is, people here talk about posters they dislike,
and that's been going on with some people for close to 20 years.
I still don't understand why they bother. It's a complete waste
of time when they could be discussing more important things, and
the clock is ticking. I don't mind a very short discussion on this
subject though.
What a lazy twit.

This again proves that you are not a Beatle fan, just a hypochondriac
looking for attention with your bizarre and immature posts.