It was 50 years ago today.
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2017-06-03 07:34:13 UTC
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Exactly, it was a Friday too.
Somewhere between 3PM - 4PM I listened to Sgt. Pepper for the first time on this day in 1967.
The length of time from then to now is starting to hit me.
In some ways I still feel like I'm 16, in many ways I don't. <<
I can relate. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was 16.
All I know is that album changed me.
I kind of like the fast version (reprise) of "Sgt Pepper"
and "Good Morning, Good Morning".
I had onion rings last night with a couple of nice frankies. Boy oh boy
did they make me fart so bad! It smelled like methane rich Jupiter in my
house. Thankfully President Trump got out of the Paris Accords or the
euro-police would have arrested me and I would have made large doodie
bombs in a Paris jail.

Sacre chats!
Wir Munchen Liebschoen
2017-06-12 12:18:34 UTC
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"Cold Sweat" is a song performed by James Brown and written with his bandleader Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis. Brown recorded it in May 1967. An edited
Thanks. I listened to about half of this song and it's not bad.
Please don't tell us that you never heard it before.
You had to have known that most of us, including me, have never
heard the song before, or you wouldn't have wasted time posting
such detailed information about the song.
The record was a top 10 national pop chart hit in 1967. Everybody over the age of 60 should know it well.
I posted the detailed info so people would understand why it was the most revolutionary record of 1967.
Jeffie would claim he never heard Mary Had A Little Lamb if it would get
him attention.
Why do you cross-post?
Are you so insecure that you need to see your nym on many newsgroups?
Even on Newsgroups that never saw the OP and others that followed?
Wait a minute...I do know the answer to the above questions.
Hey dickhead, you crosspost too. Your libtard fantasies are in every
fucking newsgroup. You might modify a few words here and there but the
same thing is written in every group. From your wet dreams about Trump
and the Beatles to your shilling for your book.