Still OT (?): Barry Cowsill still missing since Katrina
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2005-12-22 15:44:04 UTC
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Help Cowsill family track down mysteriously missing brother
By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's been nearly four months since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New
Orleans and '60s pop icon Barry Cowsill is still missing.

Cowsill, 51, who with the rest of his singing family belted out their
vintage hit "Hair" at Fenway Park during the epic Red Sox-Yankees
2004 ALCS showdown, disappeared from New Orleans when Katrina struck.

"Barry's dental records were provided and they did not match any
of the bodies in New Orleans," said family friend and Boston music
maven A.J. Wachtel. "So that's good news."

Barry's brothers Bob and Richard have provided DNA samples but those
tests are still pending.

"As the days go by and still no word, it just strikes me as stranger
and stranger," Wachtel said.

Deepening the mystery is a bizarre phone call on Halloween night to a
Newport, R.I., recording studio that some think came from the missing

The Cowsills are Newport natives and Barry had been working on an album
at Stagecraft Audio in the City by the Sea before moving to New
Orleans. The hard-to-understand message seemed to say "You are never
there, you. Never, never."

While some relatives and friends believe the message was from the
missing man, Barry's brothers are not convinced.

"Why would Barry call a recording studio and not his kids," Wachtel
said. "And why didn't the mysterious person says something like
'Hey, It's Barry, tell everyone I am O.K.' "

The Cowsills, who were the real-life basis for the TV show "The
Partridge Family," broke up in the early '70s. (They reunited just
over a year ago to belt out "Hair" in homage to Johnny Damon, Manny
Ramirez, Bronson Arroyo and all the Fenway Follically Faithful - as
well as their late mum, Barbara, who was a huge Red Sox fan.)

Since their heyday, Barry has had a rough ride. He battled
substance-abuse problems and attempted suicide. On the day Katrina hit,
he was due to fly to L.A. to enter rehab.

His family is convinced he survived the hurricane because sister,
Susan, got a desperate phone call from him on Sept. 1. A man resembling
Cowsill was seen in a CNN video taken outside the New Orleans
Convention Center on Sept. 2. But no one has heard from him since.
Anyone with information on his whereabouts should e-mail
***@aol.com or ***@robinrecords.com.

Cowsill Family searching for brother missing since Hurricane Katrina
Barry Cowsill, a member of the '60s pop vocal group The Cowsills, has
been missing since September 1, 2005.
Published 11/15/05

It has been over two months since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in
New Orleans, LA and Barry Cowsill, 51, is still missing. As a member of
The Cowsill family, Barry was a teen idol in the 1960s. Since the
family group broke up in the early 1970s, Cowsill has had some troubled
years that included suicide attempts and substance abuse problems.
Barry had recently moved back to New Orleans and was due to fly to Los
Angeles and enter a rehab facility on the day that Katrina hit. Cowsill
did survive the hurricane itself and managed to leave voice mail
messages for his sister, Susan Cowsill, on September 1st but has not
been heard from since. A man resembling Barry was seen in a CNN video
taken outside of the New Orleans Convention Center on September 2nd. No
one knows the whereabouts of this man or if it was actually Barry

Bob Cowsill, posting on The Cowsills web site at www.cowsill.com, said
"Barry left two messages on Susan's voicemail. He's obviously alive,
but he's alone. He spent some time on the top floor of a warehouse
during the storm but now he's outside. He mentioned being reluctant to
get on any bus leaving."

"Right now we just need to find him," Bob Cowsill said in an interview
with The Newport Daily News. "He could be in San Antonio, Shreveport,
New Orleans. We have no idea. We have a plan in place to come and get
him. But we haven't heard from him and that is very, very frustrating."

Susan Cowsill was able to return to New Orleans to look for Barry on
September 13th. Posting on her web site at www.susancowsill.com, she
said "We did not find Barry, which was the reason we went in. We spent
a few hours going to the places he told me he was when he left his
messages. We did not find him at any of them. A rumor from the only bar
opened in N.O. was that he had been evacuated by ambulance. When, we
don't know. Where, we don't know. True?? We don't know."

In a campaign to find Barry, fans of The Cowsills have spent hours
phoning shelters and hospitals and ensuring that Cowsill is on every
web site list of missing Hurricane Katrina victims. Entertainment
Tonight, Fox News, Inside Edition, CNN and MSNBC have all aired
interviews with members of The Cowsill family and a previous press
release was issued to over 1000 news organizations. Organizations such
as A Minor Consideration have also joined in the search for Barry
Cowsill. Unfortunately, none of these efforts has resulted in Barry
being found. Concern over Barry grows daily and The Cowsill family is
still desperately searching for their brother.

The latest information and additional pictures of Barry can be found on
The Cowsills web site at www.cowsill.com. Anyone with information about
Barry Cowsill should contact The Cowsills website at

The Cowsills were a popular musical group during the 1960's with a
series of hit records including "The Rain, The Park and Other Things"
and "Hair". They appeared as guests on many TV shows and even hosted
their own TV special. The Cowsills were also the inspiration for the
hit TV series The Partridge Family and were spokespersons for the
American Dairy Association, appearing in commercials and print ads for
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I hope they find him or find out what happened to him. This is terrible
for the family. They need closure.
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2018-01-11 03:09:53 UTC
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Post by Cher
I hope they find him or find out what happened to him. This is terrible
for the family. They need closure.
They found him but needed dental records to identify him.