Niggers are out looting South Florida
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2017-09-11 15:35:03 UTC
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Didn't take long for the niggers to crawl out of their dung piles to
start looting stores.

First place the niggers went to was a sports shoe store. The niggers
made sure to clean the store out of all the expensive shoes worn and or
endorsed by the chimps in the NBA.

These niggers are the same sub-humans who claim police are out to get
niggers and that "nigger lives matter". Do they? Niggers have never
shown respect for property or hard work. "Dey just be goin' out takin'
from da white devil what am rightfully dere's"

While it is about time that the cops have moved in to start arresting
these chimpniggers, too bad there weren't any armed civilians around to
take these niggers out while they were looting.
2017-09-11 16:05:41 UTC
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Undocumented shoppers.