On Topic: Mrs. Euell Gibbons Died
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2017-04-13 14:48:20 UTC
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He died of an aneurysm related to an incurable genetic condition, Marfans Syndrome, according to most sources.
Kenny McCormack
2017-04-17 04:41:18 UTC
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Post by o***@gmail.com
He died of an aneurysm related to an incurable genetic condition, Marfans
Syndrome, according to most sources.
'He' or 'She'? Subject line was "Mrs." ...
"I think I understand delicate, but why do I have to wash my hands, and
be standing in cold water when doing it?"

Kaz Kylheku <***@kylheku.com> in comp.lang.c
2017-05-08 01:39:26 UTC
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Mrs. Gibbons was my 4th grade teacher and she was a horrible person. This is not just from the view point of a child, but from someone who saw her private side, the side she hid from her friends, but exposed when she had a room full of children she didn't imagine would be judging her.

Mrs. Gibbons was mean....mean-spirited. Rather than having her desk at the front of the room, her desk was at the back.... so the children couldn't see her or know what she was doing, or when she would be walking up behind you to hit you on the head. This was her favorite punishment if you were holding your pencil in a fashion she didn't like. She would hit you with her rings, or her long with-like nails and draw blood. We all enjoyed the day my friend David, his arm in a cast, yawned and stretched just as she was coming down on his head and broke all of her fingernails.

She would give us math tests, or whatever sort of tests, just before lunch...and we were not allowed to leave the room for lunch until we had completed the test...and she would sit at the back of the room eating crunchy potato chips while we were trying to concentrate. Evil.

And her perverted tales about people being naked......this is 4th grade!! 8-9 year olds....and she is telling stories that all end with people being naked.....dear god she would be arrested and tossed in prison today!

I'm glad she had some friends and people who thought she was a decent person, none of the teachers at my school had a high opinion of her, and the parents of the children she scrared both mentally and physically were non too keen on here, which is why her teaching career at this school didn't last.
2017-05-14 23:45:42 UTC
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I believe you. You couldn't make this stuff up!