Will of Maurice Gibb colored by accusations
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2016-03-28 17:26:03 UTC
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On Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 9:18:47 AM UTC-7, PirateJohn wrote:
> >>>Gibb's estate, worth in "excess of $2 million," will go to his widow,
> >>>according
> >>>to his last will and testament filed in Miami-Dade County court.
> >>
> >>I would have thought he'd have had more money than that.
> I wouldn't put too much weight in that number. One or more of the brothers has
> been in bankruptcy, and the figure could have come from when the will was
> originally written, which is reportedly 12 years ago.
> As the man said, it's basically legaleze and may have been there to satisfy
> some requirement somewhere.
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And which brother had the bankruptcy? They were all well off & I never heard of any of them filing for bankruptcy.
2017-08-06 00:04:30 UTC
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Andy Gibb was in bankruptcy
2018-03-17 12:54:13 UTC
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Andy Gibb