Will of Maurice Gibb colored by accusations
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2016-03-28 17:26:03 UTC
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Gibb's estate, worth in "excess of $2 million," will go to his widow,
to his last will and testament filed in Miami-Dade County court.
I would have thought he'd have had more money than that.
I wouldn't put too much weight in that number. One or more of the brothers has
been in bankruptcy, and the figure could have come from when the will was
originally written, which is reportedly 12 years ago.
As the man said, it's basically legaleze and may have been there to satisfy
some requirement somewhere.
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And which brother had the bankruptcy? They were all well off & I never heard of any of them filing for bankruptcy.
2017-08-06 00:04:30 UTC
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Andy Gibb was in bankruptcy