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Jake D Jude
2017-09-27 18:47:43 UTC
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), part 1 of 2
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Last update: 19 December 1993
You waste our time with a post that is almost 24 years old?

As Pickering's #1 sock puppet, you should perhaps show it to him before
shabbus candle lighting?
2017-09-27 19:27:26 UTC
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So, you gave Trump a pass when he said John McCain, tortured for years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, wasn't a war hero because he preferred soldiers "who weren't captured.

You didn't blink when he said he "grabs women by the pussy" because you can do that when you're a celebrity.

You were silent when he attacked the Gold Star parents of a soldier who died fighting for this country in Iraq.

You were fine when he again attacked McCain, now dying, because McCain would not vote for the health care bill and called him "a disgrace."

You didn't care when he made overtly racists remarks about Mexicans.

You laughed when he made baseless, false accusations that his predecessor was born in Kenya.

You didn't care less that he invited as his honored guest in the White House Ted Nugent who called the previous President of the United States a "sub-human mongrel" and suggested Hillary Clinton should be assassinated.

You yawned when he grotesquely mocked a disabled reporter.

You didn't care that his claims that no one in this campaign had contact with the Russians quickly came apart when it became known that Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Page, Kushner and Trump Junior ALL had contacts with the Russians who interfered in the election to help Trump.

You were silent when he said there were "fine people" marching with Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville
And now you're outraged, and I mean OUTRAGED, that a black athlete had the gall to take a knee in silence during the national anthem to try and call attention to racial injustice?

~ Anonymous
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-09-28 10:20:33 UTC
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On Wed, 27 Sep 2017 12:27:26 -0700 (PDT), marcus
marcus, who in hell are you responding to? This is the MID you
All the dope you smoked has rotted your brain.
You're a liar. You purposely ignore the rest of the References line
that clearly shows who he responded to. And you changed the Newsgroups
line to intentionally stir up trouble here and in the Dylan group.
Go fuck yourself.
Oh Nil we are so lucky to have you here to defend all the newsgroups on
the usenet from nasty trolls. But most of all it is so good of you to
lend your vast credibility and gravitas to defend and important Beatle
savant dotard like Marcus.

While you bring out the intellectual side of the Beatles and encourage
academic research on their music and philosophy enabling all of us to
worship them the way you do-but not as perfectly as you, Marcus brings
out the polar opposite. He focuses on the childish veneration of the
Beatles. The joi de vivre he receives from not knowing anything about
them other than their names and singing along with their music like he
does with Adam Levine on the Voice.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-10-03 22:00:35 UTC
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Not only is she a liar, but a guy pretending to be his wife.
What kind of a pathetic loser would bother to do that?
That's a rhetorical question - I don't really want to know.
But you DO know, Nil. Because you are the all-knowing, all-seeing Lord
of RMB. There is nothing you do not know. People come to you from all
corners of the planet to obtain the most esoteric information.

The Beatle world is so thankful to have you walk amongst us teaching us
the most important Beatle related items on the planet.

Let us hope that the Tom Petty family invites you to his funeral to say
a few comfortable words and help them get over their loss.

Jake D Jude
2017-09-27 20:50:45 UTC
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There's no expiration date on information.
Tell that to Trump's supporters. They voted for him despite (see below)
Because Marcus Catone is a pussy.

Look how the little pussy Catone continues to cry just like his beard
Hillary. He is a Clintard.

The best thing is in 2020 when Trump is sworn in for his second term and
the libtwats like Catone, despite all the anarchy they have committed
against Trump, they lose again.